Gospel on the Rock 2019 under the slogan „Do whatever he tells you”

On Sunday, May 26, at the Pauline Fathers' monastery in Krakow, there will be the sounds of Gospel na Skałce, an open-air gospel music concert open to all by the united gospel choirs from Małopolska. Their performance at Skałka is the finale of workshops for gospel choirs, which will take place on May 24-26, 2019, under the name Gospel City. American instructors will be invited to the project, who will spend a very intense time with the choirs and then give a gospel concert at the Rock which they will conduct. The event was marked with the motto „Do whatever he tells you”, which is a quote from John 2: 5.


Phillip Carter

Rhonda Adams


Chór Dobra Energia

Chór Gospel Alwernia

Chór Gospel Mszana Dolna


Faceci w Czerni


Gospel Voice

Grodzka Gospel

Joyful Voice

Kraków Gospel Choir

Mistral Gospel Choir

Młodzieżowy Chór Gospel

Saltrom Gospel Choir


Tarnowski Chór Gos.pl

Gospel na Skałce derives from Gospel City (an event that for the first time combined Krakow gospel choirs in 2013). In its present form, the project consists of a three-day workshop for choristers, whose culmination is an open concert. The organizers are trying to cooperate with instructors who, through their skills and experience, inspire the choristers, as well as those participating in the event of Polish conductors, for further development. Phillip Carter – vocalist, conductor, composer and producer from the USA, and Rhonda Adams – conductor and vocalist from the USA, who have been living in Poland for a few years, were asked to conduct the workshop.

The choristers themselves can talk about gospel music in the most authentic way. Agnieszka, a Gospel Voice member on a daily basis, emphasizes its community aspect:

The previous Gospel na Skałce concert attracted a vast audience to the churchyard of Paulin Fathers’ monastery, including whole families, both the youth and seniors. For the participants themselves, the weekend was an unusual experience, of which talks one of the members of Gospel Voice choir, Katarzyna Bielen: Something remarkable has happened during the last three days. In spite of the fact that people who took part were from different choirs and of different age, they still managed to create a community. Everyone felt united and this made the whole event even more special. The final concert moved the audience. The participant remembers: Emotions appeared, which cannot be bought, they are priceless. Love, joy, happiness, and often also tears are only a few of the emotions we experienced. My favourite aspect of all this was the joy of the people involved which came from singing and praying together in a community.

Gospel na Skałce concert is a fascinating continuation of the first event meant for Krakow’s gospel choirs – Gospel City 2013. Back then, on one stage, six choirs joined their voices, and now there are three more. We are going to create a monumental, 140- member choir full of energetic sopranos, altos and tenors.

This event is a wonderful occasion to experience energy and positive message of the gospel music and also meet a lot of people with passion for the genre, participating actively in the cultural life of Kraków. All this in the charming location of Skałka, with a beauty that will be an additional appeal to the concert.

The final concert will start at 3:00 p.m. at Ołtarz Trzech Tysiącleci in the churchyard of Pauline Fathers’ monastery, Skałeczna 15, Kraków.

Free admission!