Gospel Voice

Gospel Voice – a choir that has been active since October 2007, under the patronage of the Centre for Culture and Tourism in Wieliczka. It was born out of the initiative of their conductor, Diana Mrugaly-Gromek. The choir’s aim is to sing gospel music, both a capella (negro spirituals) as well as songs accompanied by instruments. Above all, they like spending time together and enjoying gospel music, which brings with it great joy and happiness. Since the choir started, they have performed many concerts, which have always been met with an enthusiastic reaction from the audience. In September 2010, they took part in their first international competition in Hungary and, in 2011, competed in Prague and Dresden. Currentl, the choir has 20 members, including students and full-time workers. Since November 2014, they have been working on new material with their new conductor, Anna Madej.

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